Conjoule at New York Blockchain Week

Its that time of year again when all the players in the blockchain industry descend on New York for a week of conferences and meetups (and yes, even parties).

Industry leaders mix with academics, entrepreneurs, investors, and many others just interested to see what is new in the fast-changing world of blockchain and crypto-currencies.

The largest event is Consensus, organised by Coindesk, with 8,000 participants this year. Hosted in mid-town Manhattan, there are three days of talks plus an entire floor of stalls with many established and new players pitching their companies and ideas.

Conjoule was in attendance, meeting with technical experts, clean energy enthusiasts and anyone else who wanted to hear our story.

The presentations showcased many new ideas for business verticals on blockchain ranging anywhere from international shipping to loyalty points, and of course energy markets.

There were discussions on how the regulatory environment will either limit or empower further growth and how different regions may benefit from more progressive local regulation.

Technical panels talked about how different blockchains might interact with each other, on how the blockchain ‘stacks’ could evolve and their visions for what possible applications will be built on these new platforms.

There was a panel discussion on the future for energy blockchains: How can this model work effectively in an environment of increasingly decentralized energy markets?

What is the importance of data analytics in building models of future energy use? Which blockchain platform works best for the energy market?

The event was used for announcements from many companies, notably Consensys announcing its tie up with Amazon to host a new Ethereum platform for business.

Speakers included Jack Dorsey of Twitter, describing how he hopes that Bitcoin can become the default currency of the internet.

We were also at Token Summit, a smaller gathering at the end of the week to discuss the latest and more technical developments in the field.

The fireside chats included panels on the design of future blockchain companies, information from various regulators, and pitches from up and coming startups.

The big technical announcement of the week came form a new group known as Team Rocket, via Cornell’s crypto department.

They proposed a completely new consensus mechanism for blockchain which claims to speed up the network awhile at the same time reducing energy usage, bringing environmental benefits that we at Conjoule applaud.

Many other satellite events were popping up around town, with complex discussions going on about how to best design the tokens and mechanisms that will underly the next wave of blockchain companies.

Investors hovered around looking for potential targets, indicating there is still much money flowing into this space.

The strong attendance and outside interest in the conference shows the blockchain ecosystem is still strong and growing.

The increasing focus on building scalable business models on blockchain infrastructure bodes well for Conjoule, with its domain expertise and customer focus.

Conjoule is committed to a decentralized energy future and contributing to the adoption and commercialisation of blockchain technology.